Coalition to Protect American Innovation  



                  The Campaign for Patent Reform                       

Our Mission

The Coalition to Protect American Innovation is a committed group of businesses and individuals who realize how crucial patent protection is to a thriving American innovation economy. Our campaign will bring national exposure to the seriousness of this problem and the need for patent reform and protection.

Not only is our group growing day-by-day in strength of numbers and donations, but we have secured a core group of companies that firmly stand behind our efforts and support the focus of our campaign.

Our Cause

American innovation is being threatened. The protection of intellectual property rights has been severely weakened during the past decade.

Now is the time to reverse course! The Coalition to Protect American Innovation is spreading the word about the urgent need for patent reform. We are fighting for patent reform to protect businesses, innovators and the American innovation economy. We are giving a voice to main street businesses and to innovators and we will take our we will take our efforts to Washington to tell the stories of patent abuse as we push for stronger U.S. patent laws.

latest newS

  • Don't  miss the January 17, 2019 Sedona Conference, an upcoming one-day meeting in Washington, DC. that will focus on United States Patent System
  • Wisconsin Jury Levies $8.2 Million Fine Against Infringing Company 8/23/18 click here

Join the fight for patent reform. Help us send a strong message to Washington to protect the American innovation economy.